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Guangzhou Crystal Technol
Guangzhou Crystal Technol
Guangzhou Crystal Technol
Guangzhou Crystal Technol
Guangzhou Crystal Technol
Incoming fair--The 21th C
Incoming fair--China Xiam
Guangzhou Crystal Technol
2011 China International
Incoming fair--China Inte
Incoming fair--2011 China
The 11th (and Russia) Int
The 109th China Import an
Incoming fair-- The 11th
Incoming fair--The 109th
The 19th China Internatio
Incoming fair--The 19th C
The 4th China (Qingdao) I
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The 11th (and Russia) International Manufacturing Machine Tool Fair (CHIME)
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"Harbin CHIME", successfully held 10 sessions, is an international professional machinery exhibition to meet the national strategy for revitalizing northeast old industrial base in the implementation. The 11th session began on Apr. 15 and closed on Apr. 19.

Guangzhou Crystal Technology joined the fair, but we felt disappointed as the fair didn’t reach our expectation. After the fair, we visited some customers, building up their confidence and trust on the company, which also laid a foundation of the northeast market.




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